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I went to the Farmers Market this morning and found some great buys on vegetables. There were heaping loads of corn and melons and zucchini. There was so much to choose from this crisp morning. I really had to stick to my list because everything looked so good.

It was fun to go from one trailer or pickup or table to another seeing all the fresh produce. One farmer had the biggest cantaloupes I had ever seen! I have really enjoyed this kind of melon this summer and hope the one I bought will taste as good.

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Some weeks are just busier than others and this has been one of those weeks. I’ve had some overnight company and needed to prepare a talk. Now I am really far behind (but I really love company)!

I will now again try to keep you updated about our latest cookbook selections. These come from Amy Houts’ upcoming book, Cooking Around the Country With Kids.

Since we are traveling through Maine on our imaginary tour of the New England States, I would like to share with you another recipe. This one is for Lobster Salad. This recipe uses lobster meat in a salad you can eat on crackers.

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I’ve been on a “cold drink” kick lately, as you can tell. These hot days just make me want to mix together some cool drinks for guests.

Here is a drink recipe to add to your collection.

Sherbet Fizzy

2 cups apple juice
2 cups ginger ale
1 pint orange sherbet

Drop scoop of orange sherbet in each of 4 glasses. Pour juice and ginger ale over sherbet.

This recipe comes from Lee Jackson’s cookbook, From the Apple Orchard – Recipes for Apple Lovers. You can read more about the book at Images Unlimited Publishing.

Apple season is coming soon so I hope to give you more recipes from her collection.

Chef Crombie

Comments (0) Posted by Lee on Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

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Hi gang!

Today is one of those hot days in July when you need a really refreshing drink. This is one of my favorites:

Fruity Smoothie

2 cups orange juice (fresh squeezed is great)
1 cup fresh strawberries, sliced (or frozen strawberries)
1 frozen banana, sliced (peel and place in the freezer to freeze)
1/2 cup instant nonfat dry milk powder
3 teaspoons honey

Place all ingredients in blender in order given. Blend until smooth.

For an extra special treat, add a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Yum, good.

Makes enough for you and a couple (or more) friends.

Comments (0) Posted by Lee on Monday, July 9th, 2007

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I hope you all had a good and safe 4th of July! My ears are still ringing from all the fireworks but we saw some really spectacular displays.

Typically, the weather is very hot for this holiday – and still is in the 90’s in our part of the country. Especially with this heat, it’s important to drink lots of water. Having some cool drinks on hand is also a nice treat.

Today I want to feature a sugar-less lemonade. I can see that you are getting all puckered up because you think it will really be sour. It does have a nice tang to it and gets you awake. Think of it as a sour candy.

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Today we celebrate America’s birthday – a country that has become the symbol of freedom throughout the world.

A free nation did not just happen. The early colonists had to struggle and work hard for our freedom. In the late 1770’s our Founding Fathers rose to fight against being oppressed by another government. They wanted the right, among others, to worship as they pleased, to express their thoughts, have freedom of the press, the right to assemble, the right to bear arms.

Thomas Jefferson wrote a first draft of a paper declaring the rights of free people. This document was later revised and signed by 56 brave men in 1776.

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Watermelon and 4th of July are made for each other! They go together like cake and ice cream, or hamburgers and buns, or (you add to this).

Summer barbecues are sure to include this best loved fruit and vegetable. (Yes, watermelons are considered both). From its name you know it is filled with water – 92 percent of it is water so it is a natural thirst quencher. It is native to Africa and was a valuable source of water during hot desert trips. It has lots of other good benefits as well, such as vitamins A, B6 and C, fiber and potassium.

Comments (0) Posted by Lee on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

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How appropriate it is that we are talking about food of New England here in the chef’s cooking corner during this 4th of July season. After all, the American colonies began in New England.

The early Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Colony—part of today’s Massachusetts—too late to grow many crops, and they lacked fresh food. It was a very hard winter for them as food was very scarce.

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