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Maize for popcorn, cultivated in Hungary, prod...

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Ask your children whether they have heard the legend of the five kernels. This legend is about the Pilgrims. The first winter the Pilgrims almost starved. It was very cold and they did not have enough food. Some days they had little to eat and had to share what they had with many people. Some days they ate only five kernels of corn. But then spring came, and the Pilgrims planted, hunted, and fished. The next winter there was more food. But they always put five kernels of corn on the table to remind them of their early struggles and their thankfulness for the more plentiful year.

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Pecan Delight
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If you want pecan pie for Thanksgiving but hate the hassle of making a pie crust, try these Pecan Bars from Amy Houts’ new cookbook, Cooking Around the Country With Kids: USA Regional Recipes and Fun Activities. Yes, you can buy ready prepared pie crust, but here is a recipe the children will enjoy making with you from start to finish.

This recipe features a delicious product, pecans,  from this great land of ours, the USA. We are thankful, especially at this season, for the rich abundance of food available.

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