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Some say the flu is winding down. Whether this is true or not, there are some age-old tested methods of helping reduce the effects of cold and the flu. One of these has to do with an old stand-by – chicken soup.

Chicken soup is a common classic comfort food ...

This soup is known to help alleviate the symptoms of colds and flu. Others say chicken soup strengths the immune system. We know that good health starts with a well functioning immune system.

Here is an easy recipe from Cooking Around the Calendar with Kids – Holiday and Seasonal Food and Fun by Amy Houts. Yes, even children can make this soup, known as the go-to comfort food.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Day is Monday, January 21 and has been celebrated since 1986. Dr. King’s dream was that

Cover of "I Have A Dream: Writings And Sp...

Cover via Amazon

everyone in the world would practice tolerance and compassion toward their fellow man. He is remembered as a non-violent advocate of equality for all men and women.

Dr. King wrote five books over his lifetime, published many articles, and was a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Perhaps his most noted work is his “I Have a Dream” speech. That dream must continue in our hearts as we remember him and strive toward peace and justice for all peoples.

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A new ebook has just been posted on Amazon. Kids Cooking and Learning Through Food Activities by Amy Houts is a Kids Cooking and Learning Through Food ActivitiesKindle edition filled with fun and educational activities.

These activities help children:

  • learn about nutrition
  • predict outcomes of temperature changes on food
  • learn math through cooking
  • learn about foods of different cultures
  • and introduce many other food related projects

Get this ebook on Kindle today. Have it to use tomorrow.

Be the first to review it. Tell your friends.

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Think what this country (or any country) would be like if everyone ate a “good” diet.

First of all, people would feel better. They would live longer, be more pain-free, and live a happier life. Degenerative diseases would be vastly decreased. People would have more money to save or spend on other needs.

Health care costs would go way down and millions and millions of dollars would be saved on doctor visits and treatments costs. There would be little or no demand for medical services, cancer clinics, drugs, and related services. Medical services could direct their attention to providing continuing education in well-clinics. This would mean a complete flip-flop to the way we look at health care services.

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Vegetable garden

Vegetable garden (Photo credit: Downing Street)

Today I want to get back to healthy living and start the New Year on a forward-looking note. What we do today, whether it’s our diet, exercise, or other health habits, affects our future. So let’s start with diet – what we eat.

I feel there are some general principles of healthy eating we can follow that will help our children and our families feel better, look better, and learn better.

Here is a review of healthy eating guidelines as a reminder to get you and your family on the right path this year.

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I hope you’ve seen the previous blog with a beautiful painting of the Adoration of the Magi by Bartolom√© Esteban Murillo, who was born just in time to ring in the new year of 1618.

Murillo was a Spanish painter who became known for his paintings of the Virgin and Child. This picture depicts the three magi, also known as the Three Wise Men from the East, first found in the Christian bible in the book of Matthew. The theme of the journey of these men to see the newborn king is probably the most popular work of art in history. You can read more about Murillo and his life and paintings at

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English: Adoration of the Wise Men by Murillo

Adoration of the Wise Men by Murillo

Sending you greetings for a wonderful New Year! I hope you’ve had a blessed and happy Christmas.

I was going to put away Christmas decorations today but we have a fresh snowfall and the lights make everything look very festive yet, inside and out, so they’ll stay. Actually, I like to leave decorations up through the feast of the Three Kings, on the 6th of January.

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