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A cook sautees onions and peppers.

See how one Ohio community gives foster children healthy lifestyle choices.

As basic cooking skills are often left to chance, fast foods and other quick fixes become the favored, but less healthy, choice. Here leaders team up to get kids involved in learning basic skills of cooking and how to prepare healthy food. The benefit is two-fold: exposing teens in foster care to positive women while they are learning a valuable life skill.


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a measure of pepperThanks to all who downloaded a FREE copy of  Amy Houts’ ebook, Kids cooking and Learning Through Food Activities.

With over 3400 FREE Kindle Amazon downloads during the 3 day promotion, we thank you for getting the word out.  May this little ebook inspire you to encourage your child in meaningful kitchen “experiments”, activities, and food preparation jobs.

At one point the book ranked in the FREE book in Kindle Store as:
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Please get your FREE copy today of Kids Cooking and Learning Through Food Activities by Amy Houts HERE and tell a friend. kidscookingandlearningthroughfood_copy

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The USDA has announced a “Smart Snacks  in School” proposal to serve as guidelines for school snack offerings. These nutrition standards are

English: Rack with Mexican-brand snack food at...

for all foods sold in schools, including vending machines, school snack bars and foods sold a la carte. To read the proposed rule and provide feedback and comments go to

An emphasis will be placed on  foods that have as their main  ingredients whole grains, low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables or protein foods. Occasional bake sales and birthday treats can still be allowed.

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Soybean plants in soybean fieldWho controls the rights to seeds? This was recently decided by the Supreme Court. Here are the results of the Indiana farmer vs. Monsanto case I noted in another post. Read about it here:

Are we heading toward a one-seed source world monopoly, or are we already there? Is this for the good of our land? farmers? health of our nation? Is anybody listening?

Concerned about health and a safe food supply,

Lee Jackson
Nutrition Advocate

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