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In this print version of the Mukie adventures you will find a powerful combination of character building and the importance of listening to each other – both important elements in the education of a child.  Kids 8-12 enjoy this interactive book with lots of challenges in working through risk-taking adventures. Visit our site for this and other books at  12_book.Mukies

Teachers – Get these on your list for summer ordering for next fall. These books make it
easy to meet the character education requirement. Kids today have lots of decisions to make.

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Need a graduation gift? Here’s an uplifting book and you’ll recognize the author. It looks like a kids book but older teens enjoy the message as well.

Oh, The Places We’ll Go! by Dr. Suess. Not only a kids book!

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Mukie of a Different Color

Kids learn to make a difference through the adventures of this tribe of primitive characters. The Mukies, who are too loyal for anger, too happy for worry, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble, have to work through prejudice, border wars, friendship trials, guilt, bullying, and finally peace keeping. There is the eternal search for peace and justice. Do they find it? Can a single individual make a difference in the world? Kids 8-12 are challenged in their thinking skills and decision making experiences. Order today for only $6.99 at and

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Packaged Foods Promise vs Reality

Packaged Foods Promise vs Reality (Photo credit: jdurchen)

Are eating from boxes and doing drive-thru’s ruling your family’s mealtime? Does adding an ingredient or two to a package mean you are “cooking“?

For more on this subject of “Is anybody cooking?” and “is this safe and healthy?” see this article:

It’s time to reclaim our kitchens. Somebody needs to be in charge of mealtime.

What are your thoughts on this?

Lee Jackson


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smashwordsCharacterCharacter Building Through Choices and Challenges is a new eBook for kids 8-12.

This eBook helps kids

  • learn to be tolerant of others
  • how to solve problems and put the best solution into action
  • how a handicap can be a blessing in disguise
  • not to judge others by their skin color, religious beliefs, or political outlook.

Kids can see how having a positive attitude, open communication, and good listening skills help them live in balance with themselves and others.

Have these positive choice-making, character-building books available for school or home – enhances reading and listening skills. Order today. by Zemanta
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CharacterThrough these short read-aloud stories, children discuss effects of peer pressure, bullying, good citizenship traits, and many others. Great resource for parents, counselors, classroom teachers as it provides an easy exchange of thoughts and ideas about values and ethical issues. See this new eBook here:

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chef 12 yr old-largeThis 12 year old chef has a cookbook and dreams of a successful culinary career. She’s a food personality with ever expanding thoughts into the bigger food universe. That’s the way to think and create – have goals. I’m certain she will attain them.

Here is her story and a number of her recipes. This is so inspiring that I just had to share it with my readers.





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US Navy 110331-N-NY820-087 Girl Scout cookies ...

US Navy 110331-N-NY820-087 Girl Scout cookies donated through the Troop to Troop program by the Girl Scouts of Citrus council in Central Florida ar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GMO‘s in Girl Scout cookies? It’s another place where GMO’s have reared their ugly head.  Here is revealing information about Girl Scout cookies and their GMO connection. Hear what some are doing about it.  Read the comments, too.


Lee Jackson
Concerned about your health




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