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Get kids in the kitchen enjoying one of their favorite foods – apples. Inspire them to eat Adobe Photoshop PDFhealthy by providing them with recipes that offer alternatives to the high-sugar, white flour traditional apple recipes. Make it easy to get kids eating healthy foods from their very first bite.

My new cookbook Healthy to the Core! All Natural Low Sugar/No Sugar Apple Recipes for Kids is filled with recipes that are not dependent on lots of sugar. Apples by themselves have wonderful flavors if time is taken to savor them.

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Apples are an all-American success story-each ...

I am pleased to announce that my new book,  Healthy to the Core! All NaturalLow Sugar/No Sugar Apple Recipes for Kids is now available for online ordering.

This book is a kids and family entry into the wonderful world of apples. Its goal is to help young cooks enjoy apples in any form while offering healthful alternatives to the traditional high-sugar, white flour apple desserts.

Cooking is an amazing skill children can be introduced to at a young age. It’s a life-long skill. And apples are one of children’s favorite foods so why not introduce apples into your child’s early cooking experience?

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Honey is a powerful natural product known for its many beneficial uses. In addition to it’s healthful properties in food, it has some weird and awesome uses of which you may not be aware.

Have you thought to use honey in any of these ways?

If you don’t have any honey in the house, you will be tempted to keep some on hand after reading this article.  When shopping for this product, try to find a local beekeeper who will be able to supply you with raw honey made by bees from your own area. Grocery stores often carry local honey from beekeepers. It is a remarkable product that not only adds to the enjoyment of food but helps in other ways, even some weird ones.

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