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In observance of a special occasion, the rivalry of two southern football teams for the NCAA football championship, here is a soup dish you can enjoy while watching the game, or anytime.

There is nothing like having a big pot of hot soup ready for invited or drop-in company. It is certain to be a high tension game and hot food can help calm the nerves.

Here is a soup recipe even the kids can help prepare for that special event. It is fast and easy and is a one-pot meal.

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cooking around the calendarKids cooking and eating patterns change with the seasons. During springtime they are more apt to want lighter and brighter foods.

Author Amy Houts, in her book Cooking Around the Calendar With Kids — Holiday and Seasonal Food and Fun, offers a wide choice of foods that deliver springtime flavors.  For May Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, and just about every occasion in-between, these recipes will get kids in the kitchen whipping up their creations.

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Poppy-seed kolach

Early recollections of Easter dinners bring back memories of coloring Easter eggs and making kolaches. We looked forward to sweet treats because those were given up for Lent. Usually we had a few apples that were wrapped in newspapers to help keep them from shriveling. These made up into delicious apple-filled kolaches.

This is a yeast bread that is filled with any number of fruit and other fillings. There are many variations but a couple of my favorites are the apple-filled kolaches and poppy seed kolaches, shown here.

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When the Wise Man interviewed animals to be carriers of the good news at Easter, the rabbit was not interested.  Many other animals appeared more worthy. Why was the rabbit chosen?

Award winning author Bob Bohlken imparts his love of words and listening in this Easter story, How the Rabbit Became the Easter Bunny.  Here in the land of Ooh and Ahhs, the Wise Man searches for the best way to celebrate Christ’s resurrection and the rebirth of spring. He interviews animals to find the ideal one to deliver hope and love at Easter.

BUNNY front cover only

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width="300"When kids come home from school, where do they usually go first? To the kitchen, of course! They are starved. They want something – anything- that is ready to eat, right?

Kids need a jolt of nutrition at this time of day. It helps if moms and kitchens are ready for the burst of activity when they come home. Kids want to know “Where’s the food?”!

Here are 3 how-to’s that can set the stage for encouraging your children to snack smart without any lectures about healthy foods from you:

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Do your kids have a sugar addiction? Need help in getting them to control their sugar intake?

Getting the sugar intake under control is important for health reasons as well as weight control.

Here are simple techniques you can use to help children cut down on their sugar consumption and put them on the road to looking and feeling great.

Stock cabinets and refrigerator with fruits and vegetables instead of chips, cookies, and candies. As the expression goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

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After reading Sandra Beckwith’s email about “Blogging when you write children’s books” I searched for the book mentioned, Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking by Vivian Kirkfield. The title sounded very familiar and I was quite sure I had it. And I did – an autographed print copy at that!

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With the start of the New Year I want to introduce some of the different ways our books help families. I started writing and publishing books to help families with their food choices and then added other books and resources to help promote family well-being through healthy living.

From the beginning, the goal was to prepare foods in season, such as what to do with all those apples. Now there are three cookbooks on ways to prepare apples. Healthy to the Core! All Natural Low Sugar/No Sugar Apple Recipes for Kids is the latest. Open apple pie puff pastry with ice cream

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American flag

Cooking terms used in recipes and methods of cooking have changed throughout history. Our American forefathers would marvel at foods heated and/or cooked in a matter of seconds. The term barbequing was still non-existent, but they knew about outdoor cooking and grilling.

One of the first lessons in the cooking course of the Fannie Farmer 1896 Boston Cooking-School Cook Book was “The Making and Care of a Fire“. Many of the American cooking terms, methods, and recipes in this turn of the century standby may seem foreign to present day cooks.

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Kids cooking and eating takes into account many sensory experiences that tend to remain in memory. These sensory experiences include taste, smell,  touch, sound, and sight.  All of the senses are utilized when eating, including experience and memory. These  combine to give children the sense of food being “yucky” or “mmm, mmm, good”.

You as a parent or caregiver can encourage and reinforce many of their sensory reactions by saying, “This apple sounds crunchy”,”Doesn’t the cinnamon smell spicy?” “This juice tastes very cold”. Help them use descriptive words such as wet, dry, crunchy, mushy, chewy, hot, cold, lumpy. You can ask: Can you taste the sugar? Isn’t this really hard and lumpy? You can also provide opportunities for them to be aware of the use of their senses.

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