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Do you ever read the book reviews on Amazon before ordering a book? Many people want to view what others think about the book before buying it.

Earlier I requested reviews for our latest cookbook, Cooking in the Midwest – A Collection of Favorite Recipes from the Heartland. It is a new book in need of reviews. I reached out to you and you may be thinking, “OK, how do I write a review and do they even matter?”

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Have you ever had a business cycle motivation problem? Wheels spin but not much forward progress? That’s the way I’m feeling as I’ve been in a writing slump lately. I’m wondering whether it is the rainy days, the sunny days, or just the fact it is Woman in Office with Paperworksummer. I’ve found it hard to motivate myself to get work done. That’s the problem with being in business as an entrepreneur. Nobody says what needs to get done nor when to do it.

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Yes, I know – it’s a long URL, but if you give it a “like” I will be forever grateful, and even shorten it! can do that, but the long version gives you a preview of what you might be looking at.  I need to spread the word more and I would like you to help me. Will you do that?

Best to you,

Lee Jackson
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is now listed and ready for visitors.


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OnlineSuccess graphicI just finished a two hour jam-packed class on Online Internet Success Basics – one of a series of 8 learning modules about creating blogs. Our instructor Dr. Jeannette Cates, Ph.D. has the unique ability to pull together tons of information and make it meaningful for her class. She’s open to questions and gives very clear directions to help us along – qualities I really like in a teacher.

I don’t remember any class I’ve taken that has covered so much material in this span of time and has done it so thoroughly. It is a very intense class but most interesting.

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