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Do your kids have a sugar addiction? Need help in getting them to control their sugar intake?

Getting the sugar intake under control is important for health reasons as well as weight control.

Here are simple techniques you can use to help children cut down on their sugar consumption and put them on the road to looking and feeling great.

Stock cabinets and refrigerator with fruits and vegetables instead of chips, cookies, and candies. As the expression goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

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Can’t wait for you to see one of our author’s new books: How Rabbit Became the Easter Bunny by Bob Bohlken.

This book tells the story of how the rabbit and colored eggs became a part of the Easter celebration. Children ages 3 to 10 can follow along this journey as the Wise Man searches for a special way to celebrate Christ‘s resurrection and the rebirth of spring. This rebirth is a celebration of new life, forgiveness, peace, and love.

Find out why the rabbit is the ideal animal to express the love and hope of Easter. This book will enlighten your children as they prepare for Easter and its celebration.

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shop black bridesmaid dressesI’m excited to announce a new regional community cookbook just published: Cooking in the Midwest – A Collection of Favorite Recipes from the Heartland by Nancy Lantz.

What foods immediately come to mind when you think of the Midwest?

It’s considered the “breadbasket of the nation” so you know much of the basic food eaten comes from this section of the country. It includes Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Illinois and Indiana.

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Here is a book for the homeschool curriculum. Attention Homeschool Moms – and Dads::

The book I’ve been showcasing, Cooking Around the Country With Kids by Amy Houts, is not only a cookbook, but a treasure trove of historical facts and food history. It is a recommended book for the homeschool curriculum.

Along with recipes, Houts has included food facts, historical notes, and fun activities. For example, “When was ice cream “invented”? What are hush puppies and how did they get their nameWhat are funnel cakes? Why doesn’t all corn “pop”?”

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Many parents and teachers feel that kids do not always make healthy food choices. They feel that food choices are shaped only by what food and beverage marketers choose to promote. However, there are many ways parents and teachers can help children shape healthy food choices.

This is where cookbooks serve an important part in educating children. They can provide hands-on training in learning about the wide variety of healthy food choices.

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Childrens cookbooks help kids learn how people in other cultures live. This expands their global cultural awareness. Food makes up the culture of every part of the world. Many kids have expanded their food knowledge by watching cooking shows and traveling to different parts of the country sampling their food. But not all children have these opportunities.

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009Looking for children’s holiday gift ideas? Browse our editors’ picks for a wide assortment of children’s books – from story books to cookbooks. That’s me with our books at our last event.  See brief summaries of these books below, with more info at

The Littlest Christmas Kitten  – This is a story of how the lost is found in the midst of a miracle on that Holy Night. It helps children gain a close-up, richer understanding of the Nativity. Plus, all cat lovers and those who enjoy animals will enjoy this book with its big and bold art work by noted artist, Kelly Dupre, adding dimension to the story.

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Apple Blossom

It’s apple blossom time! Despite the “not-like-spring” weather, nature continues to work its magic.

Enjoy apple blossom time and all the beauty of the season.

Lee Jackson,
author and publisher
love the apple/country life




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Learning to Listen with Significant Others by Bob Bohlken, Ph.D.

Learning to Listen with Significant Others by Bob Bohlken, Ph.D.

Bob Bohlken, Ph.D. author of Learning to Listen with Significant Others says that effective listening helps build a foundation for healthy relationships.

This is a book important for business communicators, counselors, and individuals.  Go now to order Learning to Listen to Significant Others released in trade paper (ISBN: 978-0-93043-23-2, 65 pages, $14.95) at and

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I’m excited about our new book just published, Learning to Listen with Significant Others – A Conversational Approach by Bob Bohlken, Ph.D.  This is a new category for us – in Interpersonal Relationships/Education/Communication.  Useful for counselors, marriage prep directors, and training materials for companies with their employees.

View our most recent press release at

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